Love Poems For Teens

Teenage is the most sensitive period of our lives. This age is the prelude to youth and it reacts to everything very strongly. Attraction and infatuation to another sex is very prominent in this age and sometimes it’s true love too. Love at teenage is the most blissful and rosy. Hearst and minds of the teenage lovers fancy great and unimaginable things. love poems fascinate most to the teenagers and they want to express their inner feelings through teen love poems.

Loving You
By Adriana aka Shorty

I feel guilty
that I didn’t love you
like you loved me
you wanted to be with me
and I drove you away
day after day

why? That is what I said
because at night it would all fade away
at day time I would dream
and at night
I would stop time
I was afraid that if I fell asleep
it would be my last dream
of you and me
why did you come into my life?
And at this sertain time?
Because it was meant to be
for you and me.

These teenage love poems have been specially selected keeping in mind the young and tender feelings of this age. So you can send this love poem along with a gift or a Valentine e-card or just simply express and say ‘I love You.’


My Gift To You
By Lonely Shadow

I live through my dark existence
only to bask in your beauty
your eyes that shine like sapphires
your smile that brightens even my sad existence
I envy the wind that runs through your hair
that touches your lips
I long to touch you
to hold you in my arms but I cannot
for your heart belongs to another
so, I can only love you from afar
your friendship means more to me
than anything this world provides
but like an angel you touched my heart
in a way that I’ve never felt before
cause I’ve never known what love is until this day
I know that we are only friends
but my heart wishes it to be more
so I will still hope and dream
that one day I can feel your lips pressed to mine
to hold you in my arms and say, “I love you”


Loving You
By Tera Nickell

Putting my feelings into words –
For my feelings for you are
If I could let you see the effect you have on me,
you would be blinded.
For if you did the darkness would fade,
Shadows were no longer.
For I am in love,
more in love then I have been for a long time.
I love you is all I can say,
But my heart says more,
There is much more to my love,


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